14. Searching for an applicant in the talent pool (and send email)

Step  Description Result
1 Select the tab applicants and the watchlist subsequently. Check if the list is empty and empty it if necessary (mark all entries by ticking the boxes then delete them by selecting "remove from watchlist" by clicking "please choose")  

Go to the chart "detail search".

The detail search opens.


Limit your search as desired in the search screen then click "search". (Scroll up again after the search has been completed)

The candidates matching match the search criteria.


Click on "watch" if the candidates are interesting then click the chart "watchlist".

The watchlist with the selected candidates opens.


Select the desired candidates (If you want to select all, please tick the box left of "last name")



and select "Send a message" by clicking "Choose a function". Click OK.

The wizard "Draft the message" opens.

Type the favoured subject line as well as text and enclose an attachement if applicable then click "send".

The candidates receive the selected email.

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