7. Introducing an application via email

Step  Description Result

Log into the backend and select the tab "applicants".

 You see an overview of all open applications.

Click on the applicant's name you want to forward to a hiring manager and select "change status".

The wizard "change status" opens.


Select the new status "forward to hiring manager" then click next.

The selectable status is correct. "prepare message" opens.


Enter the recipient's email address (for testing please enter your email address to receive an evaluation email) and enter the recipient's name in the description field. Click next

The preview opens.


Click "finalize".

The hiring manager receives an email with the evaluation link. You are redirected to the inbox.


Click on the link you have received via email and select the desired action clicking "action". Click "send application".

The feedback is being send and a new view opens.


Check if you can download the applicant PDF and the evaluation.

The applicant PDF and evalution are available for download. 

 Go back to the dashboard.
Check if the configuration is correct and you can see the "overview of positions and applicants. If not please tick the box the for that entry in "customize this page". If an icon in form of a red person is visible next to a position point on it with the cursor. Now you will see that a new evalution from a hiring manager has arrived.



An application has been evaluated by the hiring manager XY. 
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