How to start a discussion

Two heads are better than one. Or, at softgarden, several heads are even better!

The comments section helps you to discover the opinions of your colleagues regarding applicants. If you want to share your thoughts with others, this is where you start the discussion. You can write anything you have in mind about an applicant.

use the symbol @ before your colleague name, if you want to direct the content to him or her.
If their name doesn’t highlight after “@” then you should invite them to your hiring team.


Starting a discussion is easy, you can either add a comment directly on your applicant’s profile:


Or click on the comments tab under the applicant’s profile to see (and contribute) to what others have said:


You can agree or disagree with comments by clicking the thumbs up or down symbols. They automatically tally up so your hiring team gets a quick overview on who agrees with what.

 It’s no more difficult than commenting on a Facebook photo - discussing applicants has never been easier!

Don’t forget to let your colleagues know if you agree or disagree with them.

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