How to invite colleagues to help you choose your new hire

Note: Unless you’ve invited them to take part in hiring, inviting colleagues to be part of the company account doesn’t mean they have access to your job posts.


Once you’ve invited your colleagues to be part of the softgarden company account, you can also invite them to participate in hiring.

Say you’ve posted a job and want to hear what your colleagues have to say about the applicants; sometimes rating is enough but perhaps there’s a candidate that requires more than one person to make the final decision.

For extra assistance, just invite colleagues to participate in your hire:

  1. Go to your job overview page and click on the top right (+) button

  2. Type in their email address

    if your colleague is not on the list, this means your colleague isn't registered with softgarden. 
    You will have to click on "Invite new user to the system" and fill the colleague's name. Your colleague then will receive and email requesting for accepting the invitation.
    If your colleague accept the invitation, he or she will have to create a login password to complete the registration and before they can view the invited job.

  3. They will then receive an email requesting their participation. To accept your invitation, your colleagues must click the link in the email and log in to the system

  4. Once accepted they’ll be able to see the job name with “invited” indicator next to it

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