How to Arrange and Reschedule Interviews

When you’ve shortlisted a candidate your next option will be to reject, pause or invite them to interview, on this page we'll discuss step-by-step how to both arrange and reschedule interviews.

Arranging an interview

    • Click Interview in the candidate's Status Box

      You’ll be asked to complete the following steps:

  • Complete the steps and click the 'Refresh' icon

    The system will immediately let you know that you're invitation has arrived with the following message:

  • Click Invite applicant 

    Note, If you've invited colleagues to the interview wait for them to accept the invitation before you send the invite to the applicant. Click "I'm awaiting confirmation from my colleagues" to return to the applicant profile.

    The following window will appear for you to complete:


  • Choose from the drop down menu whether you'd like to use your own text, or one of the pre-written emails

  • Upload any attachments you may have by clicking Upload an attachment
  • Click Send mail

  • The candidate will receive an email inviting them to interview and asking them to confirm their attendance via email.
  • Once the candidate has confirmed (a reply via email or via telephone), click 'confirm' in their status box

  •  Now the system will know that the interview is going ahead, your candidate's current status will look like this:

Rescheduling an Interview

To rearrange the interview, click on 'reschedule' in the candidate's Status Box:

This will open a window asking you to confirm your choice:

  • Click Yes to reschedule and softgarden will delete it from the system. Then you will be promoted to take you through the previous steps to arrange a new one,

    remember to delete the old interview in your personal/work calendar to avoid confusing it with the new one.




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