8.10.x Release Notes

1. Bulk Reject – Now you can bulk reject candidates. There are three pieces of functionality here:
    a. Sent to rejection bin –When you are viewing individual candidates either in their profile, workflow step or on the Dashboard, you can now send candidates to the Rejection Bin by click on the Rejection Bin icon (it is apart of the Reject button). Please note that the Rejection Bin appears once you have sent at least one candidate to it & is appears next to the Shopping cart in the Navigation. Once you click on the in the Rejection Bin you will be able to bulk reject all or some candidates as well as send a bulk rejection e-mail to all. If you happen to make a mistake — sending a candidate to the Rejection Bin — you can always take them out of it (send them back to the place where you rejected them)
    b. Reject all – When you would like to reject all candidates who are under a specific position, you can click on this button to bulk reject all candidates who have not yet been hired. A bulk reject e-mail will be sent to all rejected candidates. This can be performed in two locations – at the job level or in a workflow step (e.g., Shortlist)
    c. Move to next candidate – If you click on the Pause, Reject or Rejection Bin buttons you will then be moved to the next candidate. Please note that the Reject button first takes you to the bulk rejection window & then to the next candidate

2. Dashboard – Welcome to the new softgarden Dashboard which is now has four main areas:
    a. Quick actions – A button bar to a few of the key actions
    b. My job activity chart – Some basic charting functionality which allows you to compare two sets of data — Average Total Viewers & Average Total Applications — for all of the jobs that you have access to. You can select sub-job category data items. Additionally, you also have the ability to match data items to your peers (the data item match appears in the right-hand drop-down). Options also exist for changing the timeframe, chart type (line or bar chart), & ability to download the data for the current graph being displayed
    c. My KPIs – Displays three cards for Time to Hire, Cost to Hire, & Immediate Rejections for your jobs
    d. Candidates/talent requiring my attention – Displays candidates & talent that require your attention (e.g., new application, new comment, not being reviewed for over 10 days, etc.). There are two views available here – a card & a list view
    e. Other things to note – The My job activity chart, My KPIs, & Candidates/talent requiring my attention areas can be moved around (up/down on the page) & collapsed. Collapsing the chart and/or KPI areas will show more cards of the last card widget

3. Additional Talent Pool filters – Now the Get Connected/Recruiting Radar/My Interests fields that candidates have filled out can be filtered on

4. Beta Features – Ability to activate/deactivate (beta) features that softgarden has so that we can see some of the features that will be released in the near future

5. Small fixes/modifications:
    a. Get Connected/My Interests fields – These fields are now required so that you can have all of the candidate info that you need (not just some)
    b. Billing address management – You can now manage all of your billing addresses (Account -> Billing And Purchases)
    c. Candidate tags – Ability to set custom tags for candidates & search for them through the search bar
    d. Jobs page search – Removal search bar on the Jobs page since it was not really useful (& we enhanced the navigation search – see below)
    e. Navigation search enhancements – Search by location & tag(s). Plus we put in a hint for what can be searched on
    f. Job Location – Ability to see the location of the jobs next to the job title
    g. Job Ad Layout – Fix to have all of the widgets on the job ad layout be set to the appropriate language (DE/EN)
    h. Add Candidate – Ability to manually add a candidate to your Talent Pool (similar to the Add applicant functionality for a job)

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