Release of 2015.06.11 (8.20.0)

1. Skip Workflow Steps: Move your candidates with a click to the hiring workflow step you want them to be in

Candidates can now be moved to the hiring workflow step of your choice through a single click in three places – the Dashboard, in a hiring workflow step, & the candidate profile page (when under a job). All actions required for the skipped workflow steps will be bypassed (e.g., no modal window will appear for Interview if you skip it). Only the targeted workflow step will prompt you to perform an action (if applicable).

Please note that the date specified for the intermediate workflow steps will be set to the date that you skipped them. For example, if a candidate is under the New workflow step & then you decide to move them to Hired, all of the intermediate workflow steps (e.g., Shortlist, Interview, etc.) will be set to the date when you skipped to Hired (this is mainly for reporting purposes).

2. Chat Everywhere: Contact us with live chat anywhere in our platform (even if you are not logged in). This is an especially nice feature in case you need support for questions about the Shop, on the login page, etc. where you may have questions & would like to quickly (one click on the chat box) contact someone without trying to find what out how to contact our Customer Satisfaction Team.

3. Fixed Bugs

  • Corrected status after sending a delayed rejection mail: If you set a delayed rejection mail to a candidate, then the status change shown to the candidate on their portal page will be displayed when the rejection mail is sent.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes, formatting issues and error pages on softgarden and the softgarden Network
  • Fixed the green dot indicator for active job posts
  • Fixed a forgot password issue on the softgarden Network
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