Release of 2015.10.13 (8.26.0)

Implemented the new "Keyword search" to the Talent Pool. Search by:

  • Tags
  • Personal data
  • Cover letter
  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Preferred job location

Implemented the new "Advanced filters" to the Talent Pool. Filter by:

Job title the candidate applied before (e.g., Designer): Search by job titles the candidate applied to before in the past.

Location+Radius: Filter for the candidates address, their preferred job location or/and the last location they applied to.

  1. Set the radius
  2. Select the checkboxes for the location criteria the candidates should be filtered
  3. Type in a location

Last application: Filter the candidates by the last time they applied.

  1. 2 weeks ago (max)
  2. 2-8 weeks ago
  3. 8+ weeks ago

Industry (e.g., Chemicals): Filter by the industry the candidates have the most work experience with.

Career level (e.g., Student): Filter by the career level the candidate is at the moment.

Language skills (e.g., English): Filter by languages. Only candidates who have the skill "fluent" or higher will be displayed.

School (z.B. TU-Berlin): Filter by the school a candidate attended.

Job category (e.g., IT): Job category applied to before and job category the candidate is interested.

Screenshot of the "Keyword search" and the "Advanced filters" inside the Talent Pool:

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