Release of 2015.11.26 (8.30.0)

The Admin role can access now all jobs and applications in the system

  • View all jobs on the "JOBS" page. Jobs where you are not part of the hiring team are labeled as "Admin"
  • You have access to all of the applications inside your system
  • Create reports for all of the jobs and application inside the system

View all of your applications in a list (Beta)

To view the applications list, you would need to activate beta features:

  1. Click on "Your Profile"
  2. Activate "Show beta functionality"
  3. Click on "Save"
  4. Log in and out to your account

View all of the applications which you have access to and sort them. You can sort in example by the applications with the highest rating.

Applications which are new and have not been viewed by you are labeled as "New".

Bug fixes

  1. softgarden Network applications contain now also profile images and attachments
  2. Fixed the preview after editing a job
  3. "Experience" of a candidate can now be removed again, after editing a candidate


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