Release of 2016.01.22 (8.34.0)

1. The new applications list is live (no Beta anymore)

Manage all of your open applications in one place.

Use filters for the applications list:

  • Filter by position
  • Filter by workflow steps
  • Filter by the average star rating

Bulk actions:

  • Select single applications by clicking on the checkboxes
  • Select all applications by clicking on "Select all applications"
  • Pause applications, reject them or move them to the recycle bin

Applications list:

  • Sort columns by clicking on the titles
  • New applications are marked as "NEW". The flag disappears if they are moved to another step or if you have seen their detailed view.
  • Candidates from the Network are marked with a pink flag
  • Name of the application: Opens the detailed view
  • Position title: Opens the position
  • New emails: Shows the amount of new emails that have not been seen, opens the correspondence tab
  • New Comments: Shows the amount of new comments that have not been seen, opens the comments tab
  • Rating: Average star rating of the applicant
  • Workflow: Current workflow step the applicant is in
  • CV: Opens the CV with attachments
  • Date: Application date
  • Last Status Change: Displays when candidates have been moved to another step the last time. If they have not been moved for longer, it is indicated with a yellow or red flag

2. Required skills (rating criteria)

Define required skills when posting a job. They will be displayed in a new tab "Skills" and can be used as rating criteria. Rate each criteria with skills, you can sea the average in the field "Average rating"

2.1 Define required skills (optional)

  • Type in the required skills when posting a job and confirm them using the enter key
  • You can define a relative weighting for the skills using the slider
  • The relativ weighting calculates a relevance in percentages


Submit ratings (Required skills are defined for the job)

  • Rate candidates by the required skills in the new "skills" tab
  • The average rating will be calculated based on the average rating from you and your colleagues and based on the weighting
  • View the average rating of your colleagues by moving the mouse over the blue link by the "Average rating" field
  • View the individual rating per criteria, by moving the mouse over the team average figures

If you have not defined any required skills:

  • In this case you can submit an overall rating by clicking on the stars at the average rating field
  • You can see the individual ratings of your colleagues, by moving the mouse over the blue link by the average rating field

Edit required skills:

  • You can add or remove required skills by using the edit function of a job
  • If you remove a required skill, the ratings on this criteria will not be calculated anymore. If you decide to revert this change, just add the skill again and the previous ratings reappear
  • Note: If you add required skills to a job that had no skills defined and that had already overall-ratings, the previous overall-ratings will disappear and not be calculated anymore. You can revert this by removing all of the required skills again.

3. Personal notes

You can add personal notes to every application. This notes ar private and only visible to you.

You can save notes during an interview or write a private comment in regards to the status of the application. You can always go back and edit or remove a note.

4. Other improvements and fixed bugs

We solved a higher amount of bugs this release:

  • The application form was optimized for iPhones
  • Removed a bug with the location radius on the career page
  • Corrected the DE date format (birthday) when adding an application manually
  • Fixed bugs when copying candidates: The candidate mails will also be copied now
  • Fixed problems if using the XING login and the Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Reviewers have now the same rights for commenting candidates than other roles (can comment on comments)
  • Reviewers are not allowed anymore to repost job ads or reschedule interviews
  • Fixed a bug with candidate questions
  • Corrected the email templates, if a softgarden Network candidate is invited to a job from the Talent Pool
  • Fixed an issue when editing a job
  • Fixed an issue when posting a deferred job (if posting the job internally and externally)
  • Solved several styling bugs
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