How to link your Career Site to your website

Linking your jobs list to your corporate website will give you the benefit of not only publishing your jobs on your website but also to manage your applications with softgarden.

(you will need an Admin account for this. Admin is the person who first registered the company)


Go to your account settings. Under "customization” tab you will find find the box containing the code lines to add to your website page code.  Just copy the code and paste it in your html code, and immediately start spreading the word about your jobs. (You can change the height and width, the layout will automatically adapt).



 If you’ve already uploaded your logo, you can grab the link below and paste in your  html code. 

Remember to change the subdomain to yours. for help see How to find my subdomain name
src="" height="650" width="100%" frameborder="0"> </iframe>


View an example of one of our clients:

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