Job Posting Guidelines

Basic Advice When Creating a Job Ad


You should try to write your job postings with as much detail as necessary and yet with as little words as possible. The position and it’s requirements should be precisely and clearly described but also attractive, and the required skills must be realistic and verifiable. It’s mandatory that all vacancies are specified as gender neutral.


The Job Title


The job title should be described as precisely as possible, for example: "Foreign Language Secretary/Foreign Language Secretary For" or "Qualified Lawyer/Fully Qualified Lawyer with a Focus on XYZ" etc. The following examples should be avoided: "Participation in the XYZ Department" or "Employees in the Department of XYZ" etc. These latter  titles make no reference about the substantive tasks of the position, only to the hierarchical position in the team which, amongst other information, can be later included in the job description.


Note that most job seekers first and foremost pay attention the title of the vacancy and only continue reading if the position is relevant to their skills and experience. For this reason an accurate title is very important. Note that a start date should also be specified (either a specific date or "now") so that applicants who are bound to a contract can take this into account.


The Job Description


Once again, the tasks to be fulfilled should be described as precisely and clearly as possible. The scope of the job description depends on whether it is open to everyone or, for example, only specifically trained individuals. In the latter case, it may be sufficient to provide only a few professionally relevant bullet points. Note that the job description is also intended to motivate job seekers to apply to the role. The more attractive the position is described, the higher the chances are that suitable candidates will apply.


Generally speaking, if the job description complies with the actual activities of the job the candidate will be satisfied following their onboarding. However, if the job description is not accurately defined or additional tasks are later required for the role, it’s likely to cause job dissatisfaction. It’s therefore necessary to be accurate in the description of the tasks and skills required for the position. The job description should also specify whether the position is a leadership or team position as well as describing the size of the company.


You must avoid discrimination of any kind i.e. the term "young team" mustn't be used as it indicates an expected age of applicant and excludes those who may not be considered ‘young’. This also applies to references of gender, ability, race etc. and is prohibited in line with the General Equal Treatment Act. It is of course acceptable to include information about the provision of special assistance for those requiring, for example, wheelchair access, disabled parking, childcare etc.


Description of the Applicant Profile


The job profile of the candidates must also be clearly defined. It’s important to make a distinction between what is absolutely necessary ie. education, first aid certificates, languages, driving licenses etc. and what skills would be an additional benefit. Keep in mind that in addition to technical qualifications, many positions require ‘soft’ skills such as leadership experience, teaching experience or any other practical social experience.


You should limit mandatory requirements to those that are absolutely necessary and all others as ‘desirable’. This will later enable you to easily compare candidates according to specific requirements. Popular skills such as "communication and teamwork skills," "initiative," "problem-solving", "organizational skills" etc. aren’t mandatory and should only compliment the requirements that are vital to the position, the principle here is "less is more".


Employer Identification


We must be able to find your contact information (phone number(s), email address and postal address) as it is featured on the website that you’ve specified in your account settings. The email address that you provide for applicants ought to have a professional company domain.

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