How to create a buzz around your job posting

Is your job ad ready to rumble online? With your job ad you want to generate buzz in the internet and you want to convince the right candidates of your job. Therefore the following elements need to be included in your job ad.

  • Title of the position - make sure it is formulated clearly and comprehensively so that candidates get what it is all about right away. The title needs to describe the position in one (or some more) word and it shouldn’t make the candidates speculating what is hiding behind the name. Software rock star or team conditioner sound great but what profile you are looking for is not clear.
  • The company - what are you actually doing and what’s your mission? Explain to your candidates with a few sentences what they can expect in your company. Are you producing pans or are you building websites? Are you an internationally operating firm or a newly founded start-up?
  • The tasks - what do you need your new employee for? Formulate specific tasks the new team member has to do. Specific for example means Producing and coordinating editorial content for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Blogs. Specific doesn’t mean You will take care of several projects (How does the projects look like? How will they be managed?).
  • The profile - Which skills and knowledge does the new employee needs to bring along in order to fulfil the tasks successfully. Here you should remain realistic and don’t claim for a superman. If you want to fill a junior position you cannot expect 3 years working experience.
  • Location - Where will the new employee be working? What can be found in the neighbourhood of the office? Thanks to modern technology maps can be easily integrated in job ads. They can show the candidates where they would be working. The daily way to work, maybe the new living area and the possibilities for the lunch break can be gone through subconsciously.
  • Social Media - or interactive elements. Especially the young generation Y values an easy-going and friendly atmosphere at work. If applicants of this generation can already see in the job ad who is working at the company and check out if they might already know somebody of the team it’s definitely a plus. This becomes possible by integrating social media profiles in the job ad. Also a share feature needs its space in the job ad. Isn’t it often like that: job searchers find a job ad, which doesn’t 100%, fit their profile but they do know somebody who is looking for exactly such a job. By providing those candidates with the possibility to forward the job with a click on a button you automatically reach the right candidates.
  • What are your benefits - What - next to interesting tasks - do you have to offer to your employees? Again especially the generation Y appreciates flexible working hours, the possibility to work from home or leisure activities such as squash during lunch break. But also classic options such as regular trainings, corporate retention plans or internal childcare makes you as employer more attractive.
  • Apply online button - Now we come to the last but maybe most important aspect. Candidates are checking your job ad because they want to apply at your company. Right. So show them that you are looking forward to their application and integrate a nicely put and clearly visible button to apply online.

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