How to work with the softgarden workflow

Once you receive applications to your job post, it is time to start screening them in order to hire someone.

Our workflow pipeline will help guide you through the process of hiring. As you’ve probably already seen, our available phases are:  

  • New – There are new applications to your job. Job seekers that showed interest in your job. Now it’s time to rate and discuss them.

  • Shortlist – In this initial screening phase you will filter out the applicants you don’t immediately reject. But willing to proceed with the process.  

  • Interview – You’ve made a final selection and it’s time to meet face to face. Arriving at this step requires scheduling an interview appointment. 

  • Offer – By this point you will have made an offer and will be in the negotiation phase. 

  • Onboard – Congratulations! You found someone; the on-boarding step will help you
    schedule your new employee’s first steps.

  • Hire – Keep record of your new hire.

  • Pause – For those moments when you need a little more time to decide.

  • Reject –The application is not relevant for your position.
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